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RAINN has officially dismantled feminist rape culture hysteria. You people have no ground to stand on anymore. Your bullshit is over.

My issue is not in the argument but in the interpretation. It assumes that culture does not encourage and or discourage people and or events to take place.

While I believe that rapists are the individuals at fault, I feel it impossible to argue that systematic environmental issues (such as the acceptance of silence as consent and the idea that a woman must be fully clothed at all times) are not contributing to this pandemic.

If you read the entire piece, it moreover says that rape culture is a factor. Yet, the blame should be solely on the rapist. No one is saying it shouldn’t. An individual is committing a crime.

However, it’s foolish to interpret this as a dismissal of culture. That would be the very equivalent of saying the sale of guns in society has no impression on gun violence. One pushes the other. While the person who shoots is inevitably at fault, there is something to be said about where they got the gun to begin with.

Its like you people can’t even fucking read.

If you read the entire piece, it moreover says that rape culture is a factor.” 

Well, I did read the entire paper a couple times over and didn’t find anything supporting that culture was a factor. In fact, culture is only mentioned four times and three of those times was dismissing culture as a factor. The fourth was a quote by a faculty member.

Your stupid hysteria bullshit ends here. It is over. You no longer get to trivialize the vicious sexual assault of men and women to validate your victim complex.

Also, there is no correlation between strict gun laws and gun crimes (either for or against)

But YES YES yes to this whole thread

Rape is one of the most terrible crimes on earth. And it happens every few minutes. The problem with groups who deal with rape is that they try to educate women about how to defend themselves. What really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape. Go to the source and start there.

Kurt Cobain talking in November 1991 about the background behind the song ‘Polly’ (via batsypayne)

I have to disagree. Murder. Murder is by far the worst possible crime you can commit. while you might never forget a rape incident, you will ALWAYS remember when someone you love is murdered. when you Murder someone, you take them away from the world. you forcefully remove any chances and hopes that person had of accomplishing anything. theres a reason we mourn our lost, not our raped.

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I declare

a time war. 





#daleks scream 






The Doctor died,

and Silence Fell





Here he goes,

back in time.






Everybody’s lives





Grab her hand

And whisper “Run.”



I really, really want one of last two classes for BL2 (That were pseudo-confirmed by Randy) to be a “Player Character” from Tiny Tina’s DLC. A sword and shield for a melee, with a huge buff/debuff skill base! I want that more than anything!”

I hate to break it to you… thats not happening. Borderlands 2 DLC is now officially Headhunter packs only. theres only a limited amount of space that game developers are allowed to use, otherwise they could bog down consoles memory space. they’ve used up a fair amount of it by now and the only amount of space they have left is for the son of crawmerax DLC (which funnily enough, its already in your game files, just hidden from in game access).

Gearbox really should start working on Borderlands 3.



Totally true. a friend of mine, her mother didnt want her daughter to play D&D with us because she believed it to be - while not outright satanic - unholy. I do think it can be an escape for people who don’t like their reality, but thats unhealthy. I do think however, it isn’t/wasn’t the problem. Neither is Video games. they arent the cause of Violence and all the shit going on. that problem stems from the media, like pop culture.


I was thinking that maybe they’ll be a DLC of the Vault Hunters telling their own stories. Like, instead of Marcus telling a story in the beginning of the DLC, the playable characters start talking about how their lives were before they came to Pandora. Then they flashback to each of their lives as they tell the stories. I think could really shed some light on the characters’ back stories.”

We have this. its the “lost records of Pandora” where you find the echos in little hidden spots and they tell the tale of how Jack choose the people who would come to pandora. Salvador is found in Thousand Cuts, Maya in the W.E.P. Zer0 in Sawtooth, and Axton is found in Lynchwood.

Axton was kicked out of the Dahl Army by his commanding officer and wife. he became a Bounty hunter and then after one of his bounties, he heard the Hyperion Truth network tell of Pandora.

Maya was raised in a temple to scare the people of the planet into following the Temples beliefs and when she discovered her purpose she murdered the head priest and came to pandora to find out more about herself

Salvador was in the middle of being tried for various crimes he committed (like killing the people that tried to kill his “abuela”) and in the middle of the trial, Hyperion attacked his town. he killed them all but one and he kept him alive, with broken legs and screaming “Salvador” Salvador is looking for Revenge for his town (i personally think he’s also just a little bit crazy)

Zer0 was looking for challengers and intrigued Jack when he found that Zer0 spoke in Haiku. (i havent heard most of Zer0s logs, sorry)

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